Promusculus | About Us

promusculus-about-usThe Promusculus company is founded in 2009 with an idea to work on a completely new solutions for overcoming the demands of professional sportmen and top athletes today.

Promusculus has assembled a team of top experts in the fields of sports training, engineering, computer engineering, which are working together on development and production of new solutions and machines.

Development of professional sport's machines brings new challenges to our company because top athletes today can't longer find a solution which will change classical way of training and exercise.

Improving performance of atheletes and sportsmen now requires specific training methods adapted to the machines - motion simulators. Motion simulators emulate the situation in which the athlete is in competition. According to our experts opinion, this method of training represent future of professional sports and the most effective method for achieving top results.

The first in a series of simulators we created is the our Proslider, lateral movement simulator, whose detailed description and function can be found on our website.

Soon, Promusculus will bring new simulators on World market that will be similar to Proslider. The main purpose of our products is promotion of sports in all it's aspects of physical and technical possibilities, as well as advancement of players speed and techniques.