Proslider | Product description


The Proslider is the lateral motion simulator that allows a controlled movement in totally secured environment.
Proslider simulator is 2 meters in length, width and height of 50 cm, 6 cm. These dimensions allow for optimal performance in terms of strengthening of desired muscle groups, or securing performance of the complete movement at full amplitude and the safety athletes.

It’s low height contribute to the feeling of security with the lifters or lifters feels like to stand on the floor, footrest are set to ensure familiarity with sponge leg in the direction of movement on the machine, and a complete freedom of the legs back and forth so that in case of loss equilibrium is no danger of falling.
Volatile holder height is at the outer side of the table provides the maximum comfortable position for each lifters while reducing the weight of the lever so that way I can control the load. Course load is primarily controlled “load controller” and its amplitude is such that it can be used by beginners, aged 10 years and injured athletes in the recovery process through to top athletes ready who want to improve their performance.
Tires that runs through his whole body of Proslider length slip feet prevent or provide adequate resistance to the substrate, which was originally aluminum, die in a given set and the underside of its inhibiting slippage on the ground.
On each side of the handle that allows easy transport simulator to the desired place for the exercise. Proslider course is also available in lengths of 3 and 6 feet so that in case the settings in the gym, or other enclosed space, at the same time it can find two or three lifters.
The product is available in different color combinations.