Proslider use in Tennis


One of the most important elements in tennis play is preperation for the shot. Our simulator strenghtens the adductors and abductors, hence allowing for faster reaction in the beginning and during the lateral movement and, as a result, the player gains more time for the preparation of the shot, thus he can achieve better playing results by aiming more precisely for a particular spot within the bounds of a rival's playfield.

The Proslider effectively provides an original method of training for the athletes and players, while focusing on lateral movement reaction capability through the development of strength and explosiveness, as well as agility and speed.

Proslider is engineered to offer unmatched quality, durability and value that will satisfy the most demanding clients. In manufacturing process of the Proslider, Promusculus used scientific research, inputs of elite trainers and sport scientists together with individuals who represent an absolute authority in their fields of expertise. For all these reasons Proslider has become a highly effective, brand new and completely unique product on the market.